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Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: "When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased)."  (Sahih Muslim)   

Bank Account

Center For Conscious Community 

A/C No: 8 5 3 4 2 8 5 0

Bank Of Ceylon (BOC)

Akurana Branch. 

Sri Lanka. (Swift Code- BCEYLKLXXXX)

*Center For Conscious Community - Reg No:-KDS/AKU/5/2/සංලි/95  

SRMI center takes great pride on financial efficiency, transparency and accountability. Your contributions towards SRMIC are productively utilized and assured that it reaches the suitable beneficiaries. Administrative costs of all projects are covered by the KEY PERSONS of SRMIC.