පිබිදුනු සමාජයක් සදහා වූ මධ්‍යස්ථානය

Our Services 


Under privileged children, Orphans and Destitute 

Promote the education of them Conduct free classes and work shops to promote education of the them 

Assist and support to continue education of them 

Promote positive thinking of them 

Prevent from leaving school halfway 

Protect them from under age employment 

Safeguard and make awareness on rights on them through the establishment of equal rights, justices, peace, nondiscrimination coexistence and child rights. 

 Needy children 

 Provide scholarships to continue education of them 

Teach Sinhala Tamil and English languages to promote coexistence 

Providing opportunity to students to study the syllabus of GCE O/l & A/L which approved by the Ministry of education 

Needy People 

Develop their home gardens & farmlands providing free consultancy and training 

Create facilitate and provide training on self employment projects for women 


Conduct workshops and discussion to train teachers of Pre-Schools 

Advice and assist all communities to live in peace and harmony 

Organizing and conducting a separate unit for the social Welfare, Economic developments, religious, Cultural, aesthetic and sports facilities without any reference to race religion or cast. 

Effort to stop proliferation drug minazand to rehabilitate drug addicts 

Effort to provide assistance for securing and maintaining discipline and culture ethics promote and foster unity within the community and find solution of the problem such community. 

Promote policies of peace, Unity, coexistence and harmony among communities. 

Effort to provide legal facilities and assistance on discrimination for women of getting their equal rights 

Do all such acts and things as are in the opinion of the Corporation connected to any of the above and beneficial to the growth of the SOCIETY